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  1. Call me when you get a chance – I will be conducting a Class on how to document and report Road Rage Incidents and Accidents.

  2. Can you tell me whats with the blocking of the LA River Bike Path above and below the Alex Baum Bridge by Army Corps. of Engineers. It’s killing the use of the path, especially cutting off the use of the bridge to access Los Feliz. These people have no common sense what so ever!!! First they destroy the habitat in the Sepulveda Flood Basin. This really sucks!!!

  3. Can you remove the scrolljacking plugin from site? It’s super annoying to scroll up and down and have the movements controlled by your website.

  4. Are there any CICLA programs in the South Bay or near the beach on the westside?
    Would love to start a CICLABEACH… Any thoughts?
    Hey I did see a Cicla event that someone is trying to plan here in Redondo.. What’s the haps with that?


    1. Long Beach has Beach Streets and CicLAvia seems to come to the westside every other year. Santa Monica is holding an open streets event soon too.

  5. Thank you for placing the ghost bike, means a lot. This was my father and family lives out of state. We were actually just notified by the coroner and it’s been almost 10 days
    I agree with you, minimize the real tragedy here and maximize on the whereabouts of the passenger and the fact that ‘no crime was committed’ SMH.

  6. Mr. Cicla Valley,
    We both seem to be working on fixing Forest Lawn Dr. and I’m not sure if we have communicated or not, but here is the part that I need help with.
    I have contacted Councilman Ryu’s office via Daniel Park and asked that they repave Forest Lawn Dr. and take care of the dirt that constantly gets dropped by the tractor trailer dump trucks. I have also started a petition on Forest lawn Safer for Cyclist which will be presnted to the councilman when we have sufficient signatures. I currently have 178 and obviously that is not enough so I need help in publicizing this. I’ve tried LACBC and other entities with little or no help, so if you could help me, that would be great by getting your readership to sign the petition or emailing the council office via Daniel Park, that would be great. I really need your help and I’m sure you understand the need to get this done.
    Take care and be safe out there,

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