Weekly Rides




  • Barry Wolfe – 8:30am : FAST
  • Valley – Montrose – 8:45am : Moderate



  • Barry Wolfe – 8:30am : FAST
  • Valley – Montrose – 8:45am : Moderate




8 thoughts on “Rides

    1. I’d check with Cycle World in Northridge about night rides. Pedalers West has a chill shop ride Tuesday nights. On Saturdays, you have the Simi Ride(winter) comes to mind.

    2. Hi Matthew,
      I live in the Burbank area and I usually ride MTB on tues-thur nights. The trails I usually hit are Cherry Cyn, Dearing, or the Verdugos. Its usually just a few buddies and me but if you want to join, shoot me a note.

  1. There is an informal SFVBC ride every Tues. and Thurs. that starts from the corner of Riverside/Woodman, Van Nuys,s/e corner in the gas station, The ride leaves at 8:45 sharp and goes up to Montorse for coffee and back, approx. 38 mi. roundtrip. If you would post on your calendar that would be great. Thx.

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