VIDEO: Cyclists Assaulted on Chevy Chase


Keeping a camera on your bike is smart. Does it mean you’ll get justice? I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but still, you should do it.

I got this video from a friend(who wants to be held nameless) riding down Chevy Chase in Glendale last week:

The video speaks for itself. This was assault. You could tell by the honking and the riders’ awareness that they knew something was coming.

To pull in front and deaccelerate into them was a deliberate act meant to cause harm.

My friends were doing everything correctly within the law, positioned as far to the right possible without traveling in the door zone. But even if they hadn’t, did they deserve to have their lives threatened?

Right after, my friend took this video to the local authorities. I won’t say what happened, but it’s no wonder why Glendale has a reputation having the worst drivers and is unfriendly to cyclists. Heck, I don’t even want to walk there.

There is no justification for endangering another person’s life period, but letting this driver continue on will only encourage it.

  • Your friends can still file a civil suit. It’s not in the city of LA, so they can’t use the anti-harassment ordinance, but they can still file a civil assault case. They can even do it in small claims if they don’t want to bother with a lawyer.

    • Carlos Pereura

      You can’t sue in civil court/small claims court if you can’t prove damages. In this event, there were no damages. Unfortunately that’s the way it is.

      • bru

        “Members of the Jury, what would you think its worth to have a 2-ton car attempt to run you off the road while you were legally riding a bike on a road – one that has clearly marked sharrows? Would you take a hundred dollars for that? A thousand? If somebody gave you five thousand dollars, would you let them do that with the potential that you could be killed?”

    • Annie

      A police report was filed the same day against the cyclists with Glendale PD. What you aren’t seeing in the video is that the 2 cyclists were traveling at a slow speed blocking the lane. Another car in the video had to swerve to get past them. One of the cyclists assaulted the driver’s side mirror enough to push it around. Would love to know who these cyclists are. The driver swerved away to avoid being attacked by the cyclists. The video does not represent all that happened.

      • etan

        > What you aren’t seeing in the video is that the 2 cyclists were traveling at a slow speed blocking the lane.

        Well you’re full of shit. They’re going 25mph (Visible on the video) and they were taking the legal amount of the lane. Where they were riding is the safe zone so you don’t get hit by a door if someone opens it unexpectedly.

        The first car in the video did a proper pass at a safe distance, not a swerve.

        Is your time as a driver so goddamned important that it’s seriously inconvenient to wait the 10~15 seconds until it’s safe to pass?

      • John

        Did you look at the video?

      • Bryan

        > What you aren’t seeing in the video is that the 2 cyclists were traveling at a slow speed blocking the lane.

        What you FAILED to see Annie is the “Cyclists May Use Full Lane” sign painted on the road.

        They have just as much right as a car to be on that road, and do not have to maintain a minimum speed limit or yield to any vehicle so they can be passed.

      • Ken

        As a courtesy, please tell us when you and like minded drivers, will be going out driving in your car. We’ll be sure to rack our bikes until you return home. Only then will it be safe to cycle again.

      • Jeff

        Both mirrors appear to be in their normal position in the video.

  • Lisa

    Someone needs to log this guy in the Close Call Database…

  • Borfo

    Please report and press charges.

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  • Matt

    7FZL229. Go get ‘em, police.

  • BJToepper

    California Plate: 7FZL229

  • This just helps give another reason why Glendale has the highest insurance rates in California.

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  • jennix

    California Plate 7FZL229

  • John Kociemba

    I walk my dog in the Pelanconi area everyday. I carry what I call a Pedestrian Safety Stick (or cane) that also supports landscape flags and blinking flashers (for night time walks). It is quite effective in that I am noticed even by drivers on the opposite side of the street stopping for me to cross.
    My wife, though, does not like carrying the stick and is always endangered when she walks. Her attitude is to simply move out of Glendale – soon – not good though.
    I still run into a few idiots though for example – a lady, yesterday, made a left turn onto Arden off of Highland who I waited for. Then, as I was crossing the street, she decides that she really wanted to make a U-turn (from the left hand lane?). Needless to say, even though she saw me crossing, she almost ran over my toes and my dog as she completed the maneuver. BTW I waited until she exited her car (she was trying to grab a parking place it turned out) and let her have it. Apology, no! That is all it would have taken if she had just acknowledged that she had done me wrong. I know where she works though.

  • True Freedom

    Holy f*ck. That was dangerous. That driver should be prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon.

  • M

    The terrorist live free in the U.S., as long as they are in their cars and their targets are cyclists.

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  • Paul Fletcher

    Zachary, why don’t you have your friends contact me at Glendale PD. I am the traffic investigator and this video was brought to my attention. I don t know when it occurred. You mention they contacted the police department and were not helped. If they did when and who did they speak to. It doesn’t appear the incident was documented properly. About all I can do without a victim coming forward is talk to the owners/driver of the vehicle. My contact information is (818)548-3131

    • Morgan

      Thanks for looking into this Paul. Unfortunately this type of reckless, criminal behavior has to prosecuted before it will change.

  • yawfle

    I ended up riding through Glendale one night a while back, never wanted to do it again. Glad to know it’s not just me, anyway… interesting that even in an area like L.A. there can be pockets of stand-out bad driving.

  • Lucie Furr
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  • Ken

    Zachary, I live in Chevy Chase Canyon, and am an avid cyclist. This same thing has happened to me on Chevy Chase Canyon Road. Audi R8 driven by a male, about mid-40’s pulled up right behind me, honked so close I nearly jumped out of my cycling shoes, then cut me off into the parked cars, while I was traveling at a high rate of speed. Fortunately, for you and your cycling buddy, no one was hurt. I strongly urge you to contact Paul Fletcher at Glendale, PD (818)548-3131 File a victim report and charges against this driver. Cyclists must take responsibility to ride single file, stay away from the opening doors, etc..which is exactly what you both were doing. However, this driver clearly cut you both off with intent to harm. Thanks for filming the whole thing! Safe Riding to you both.

    • Zachary

      Hi Ken,

      I wasn’t involved, just posted it for him. I’m encouraging him to try again and they’re looking to meet. I’ll have an update later this week.

      I’m glad you weren’t hit. I’m working on getting a K-edge for my bike to mount my gopro…

      • Ken

        Zachary, Any updates from your friend who was filming/riding in this incident? I strongly urge them to file a victim report with the Glendale PD. Passing that close to a cyclist is illegal. (3 foot law) Cutting off one cyclist and braking in front of the other is out of control and unconscionable. This was assault with intent to harm and we need to follow through in order to push for changes in behavior for drivers. We have to share the road. That is what the law states.

  • Mark Walcoff

    My mother used to tell me not to play in the street…its just dumb to ride in Glendale!

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  • Michael

    I live in this canyon. The section they were at has plenty of room to pass safely and just 30 seconds more and the cars could have easily passed and sped off like the people who live up here do. The bikes were going just as fast as some of the law abiding drivers in this canyon, so no excuse to be aggressive like that. Bicyclists don’t have a chassis around them for protection against a car, so drivers need to have at least some BASIC HUMAN MORALITY not to mess with them like that. Either way you look at it, this was typical Glendale road rage. On a daily basis, cars up here tailgate slower cars, pass illegally, run the stop signs by the country club. There is no excuse for bad driving. As for swerving, you typically only have to swerve if an obstacle jumps out at you unexpectedly. These cars, UNLESS DRIVING DISTRACTED, knew these bikes were there.

  • Eduardo B

    ANNIE if you were put in the cyclist position you might understand why the cyclist hit/pushed his mirror in. He did it for the reason that the car tried to pin him down, force him off the road. Not only that but he endangered the 1st cyclist life when doing soo, and second of all he endangered a second life when he hit the brakes in front of the 2nd cyclist.

    When the driver decided to honk his horn that was a sign that he was an inpatient driver. Him swerving into the lane it describes what a terrible human being is.

    You’re gonna post here and state that the cyclists attacked him and hit/pushed in a mirror (most cars have folding mirrors) and defend the driver that CLEARLY tried to run the bike off and brake infront of the other?

    Shame shame

  • Paul

    Omg. This is one of the reasons I left Glendale. What a ridiculous bunch of drivers the city has, and what terrible people have come to ruin an otherwise wonderful community. When we cycled around the city and up into the mountains, it was always a major risk. I used to go through there twice a day, and looks like things have only gotten worse. Kudos to Mr. Fletcher for pursuing this. Someone needs to make a video of the perpetrator being arrested so that the rest of the city realizes this is NOT acceptable.

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