What is Safe Biking Around a Rattlesnake?


Last week biking around Griffith Park, I came across a situation which surprisingly hasn’t happened too often.

Descending down the gravely minded Vista del Valle, I was caught off guard seeing a snake lie across the road.

With a lifetime of living in Southern California, I’ve maybe crossed paths with a rattlesnake maybe once since my days going to camp at Tree People.

When I saw this one stretching out and catching some rays, the shock factor stymied my decision making and I only passed within a yard’s distance.



About a year ago biking up Sullivan Fire Road, a garden snake lunged at me from out of nowhere just zipping underneath my crank.

Needless to say, that was a WTF moment as that critter must have leaped at least six feet out of nowhere.

As for this rattlesnake laying out straight, that didn’t look like I was in a position to be attacked, but then again, I don’t know rattlesnakes.

What’s your take on this?

  • jh

    Glad u were riding up instead of down, giving u far more time to react, or stop to pass leaving a gap of at least double its length. Preferably behind it

  • C.Stevens

    I see a few of rattlesnakes riding trails in Simi. I give them a wide berth and let them move off the trail and continue on my way. Don’t mess with nature.