Send it Sunday Recap: Pacifico Mountain

If no one ever rode Pacifico Mountain, could you still call it epic?

Last month, I held my first (of what I hope is a series) group gravel ride and knew that it had to be special.

When you’re telling a group of strangers to drive to a far off point that has scant cell phone reception, it can sound like a bit of a pull.

That’s before considering the more people show, the higher the odds that someone has a major mechanical, gets lost, is not able to hack it or is a complete asshole.

While that’s a lot of luck to ask for, I was hoping for a bit of preparedness, decent temperatures and the good heartedness of the gravel community to reduce the odds of calamity.

All that I ask for is if people crash, please do it while my video is rolling which was obliged twice.



Meeting way out at the Monte Cristo Fire Station, people got there on time (and some even earlier) ready to put some miles in before the heat.

I won’t give a complete rundown of the route because, geez, how many times do I have to do this?

Needless to say, the ride went as perfect as you could ask, it was good company and we even got back right on time.

We even ran into another member of Gravel Bike California while meeting a new one as well.

The photos and video should tell it all and dare I hold another ride the last Sunday of the month again?


Rolling out on Angeles Forest Highway with Sam and Arthid

Dan found his way out of the trees….

Sorry Robert. I think I take this picture on every trip….

Bob on 32s with the road to Mount Gleason in the background 


Conditions get rougher as you near the peak of Pacifico Mountain


Just about there….




Sierras be out der…


Trophy shot


Side note: the Zephyr kit looks really tight


Some momentary pavement


Side diversion to Mount Mooney is always worth it…if you can remember.


Back at it


ABCG – Always Be Capturing Grams


Dan made his 30s work somehow…


Thumbs up to finishing the ride from Jason.


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