A Day in the Life: Bad Drivers on the Way to Work (VIDEO)

I could post hours and hours of video with drivers parked in car lanes, but what’s the point?

Obviously, these people aren’t scared of getting ticketed or even paying whatever fine they would face because the threat of getting caught doesn’t strike fear into anyone’s hearts.




Leave this behavior unchecked for extended periods of time and it’ll only get worse.

On top of this trend, there’s been an offshoot of this illegal parking technique that stems from the same symptom:


See if you can spot what I mean here.



If you didn’t catch it, you’ll notice this driver that wasn’t just impeding my progress, but all others around me had an empty parking spot that he was blocking just to the right of him.

Thank you California Driver’s License number JHAM226

I’m seeing more and more of this because why bother spending the extra few seconds parallel parking if you don’t have to?

Of course, that wasn’t all that happened in a short stretch on my way into the office yesterday.

This happened with a policeman in tow to my right:



You know that moment when someone brakes at least slightly after they realize they’ve done something wrong?

Didn’t see that.

Then a couple minutes later, at Cesar Chavez and Grand, this bonehead move was made:



I see all types of shenanigans here with drivers diving in to try and beat the light turning red, but most of them get stuck in the middle of the intersection or there’s a bunch of near collisions with drivers fighting for space.

In other words, people push the envelope so many times, that this behavior is accepted as the norm.

Motor vehicles are the biggest threat to everyone’s personal safety in our everyday life, yet the urgency to save lives is nearly absent in the temperament of enough drivers.

If traffic deaths were a disease, then we’d be calling it an epidemic.

This is what I see everyday on the short time I share the roads with drivers and I didn’t even show all the people on their cell phones!

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but level of endangering people’s lives is ever present on our daily commutes like this one.

We need to stop accepting the talk that a few bad drivers is just the price we pay for progress and get serious about saving lives.