ACTION ALERT Monday & Tuesday: Save Griffith Park

We knew the struggle to maintain Griffith Park’s character would be ongoing with challenges popping up at the most inopportune times.

The previously approved plan to permanently close Mount Hollywood Drive to cars and provide DASH service is still jeopardy.

We scored a victory earlier in the year when the plan excluded shuttles from entering this space, but until this gets approved, we are still on shaky ground.

It’s time again that all people who use the park step up and let the decision-makers know that we will not stand for anything else.


This affects cyclist hikers people walking their dog and yes even equestrians two open up the clothes piece of road we all enjoy.

What needs to be done today is to email all the addresses below to pass the Griffith Observatory Circulation and Parking Enhancement Plan.

What needs to be done tomorrow (Tuesday), is to show up to the meeting of the Arts, Parks, and River Committee of the Los Angeles City Council at City Hall (Room 1060) and let them know again that any other alternative will not be acceptable.

Don Ward has been leading this charge and put together a sample email that you can copy and send to all the email addresses below:


BCC: (optional)

Griffith Observatory Circulation and Parking Enhancement Plan

Dear Lovers of Griffith Park

For the past 2 years, myself and many others have been watching as Griffith Park has struggled with traffic problems and whether or not to allow vehicle and tram traffic onto Mt. Hollywood Drive.

The Griffith Observatory Circulation and Parking Enhancement Plan, prepared and passed by the Recreation and Parks Commission not only addresses traffic, but simultaneously provides unprecedented transit access to the park for those who are not able or can not afford a car, or for those who decide that one less car in the park is a good thing. I and thousands of others who signed petitions and attended meetings were extremely pleased to know that the plan calls for closing off Mt. Hollywood Dr. to motor vehicles and trams forever. THANK YOU for protecting our park’s wild interior.

The plan’s introduction of parking revenues on the Observatory loop provides full funding for robust DASH service to the park 7 days a week a win win for all park users as this incentivizes use of DASH over car trips to the park and reduces traffic congestion. This kind of program is one that world class parks across the nation have in place and have shown great success in taming traffic and affording more access. Thank you for supporting a more sustainable park experience.

PLEASE pass the The Griffith Observatory Circulation and Parking Enhancement Plan.

Thank you!

– [your name]

Remember, this will go to full City Council vote on WEDNESDAY, so if you’re reading this sentence and haven’t already done something about it, quit reading.