Athletes in Us All: The Special Olympics

SO01Throughout the year, we are all enthralled at watching the world’s best athletes compete at the highest form of competition: Tour de France, Super Bowl, NBA Finals and wherever ever else comes on the calendar.

We crave to watch our heroes thrive, burn every ounce of energy and overcome adversity to win. To become a champion.

Athletes sacrifice hours away from a normal life just to achieve this level of success.

While I’ve always admired the effort and tenacity of the Michael Jordan’s of the world, I have never felt motivated more than after seeing the athletes compete at the Special Olympics.

The spirit, dedication and will to succeed is unparalleled here at these Games.

Everyone from a Chris Froome to a weekend warrior understands what it feels like to fight through barriers. These SO02athletes may have a greater set of limitations, but despite whatever their drawbacks, they respond with every fiber in their body.

No moment is wasted. Nothing gets left in the tank.

To watch these athletes first hand does nothing less than inspire. If we all approached our lives exposing the same heart and soul as these competitors, imagine what an amazing world we could create.

I’m proud that I live in a city that can host an event of this stature. The Special Olympics isn’t just about competition, but the atmosphere as well. Making it to these Games is a big accomplishment and to experience it in such a world class city only adds to the memories.

Every time I see a delegation, I strive to be an enthusiastic representative of Los Angeles and let them know how fortunate we are to have them.

The Games run through the weekend and are FREE to all that attend. Go.



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