Bicycle Photography: Jeff Fox

One of the worst things you can do while riding is running into someone wearing almost the same kit, but the problem is compounded when yours is the bootleg one. Luckily, when you end up knowing that person, then that can ease the awkwardness, but maybe not the jokes.


I ran into my friend Jeff Fox, who I normally ride with on Fridays, up in the Hollywood Hills. We both happened to be headed for the sign, me for training, him for artistry. On top of his many accomplishments, Jeff is an in demand photographer. Recently, he just finished a photo shoot of the LA Coliseum and looking at early results, it has never looked prettier. Bikes is his other passion. He is a proud owner of a beautiful Colnago C59 and includes it among some of his favorite photographs. On the way up to sign, he pulled out a bedside attachment which he jerry-rigged to take shots alongside while he was riding. He was able to clip in his iPhone with a fisheye lens to shoot on the climb up. I call that daring, because I know I would drop my phone somehow.

I included some of his shots from instagram, but give him a follow because he’s an awesome photographer. Valley photographer that is.

•l e t t h e g a m e s b e g i n•

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•p a s s i n g l a s t o r m•

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•u p l i g h t•

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