Bike Week is Here!

Bike Week is serious when I start posing!
Bike Week is serious when I start posing!

Every year we redefine the meaning of that burning Phoenix known as Bike Week as we watch its ever extending wings grow. Maybe I’m getting too poetic, but the underlying theme is it has become a big deal.

There are so many events, that not even Tom Brady can traverse the city fast enough to reach them all.

Still, it is important to prepare because bike week is only seven days long(I did the math) and as Ferris Beuller says, “life moves pretty fast”.

I can’t go into detail about every happening, because it’d blow up the internet. And then my mind. Cleanup on aisle 12.

Here is what you should be keeping an eye on, especially for you valley folk.


Sunday(5/10) – Fix your bike day

I thought this event should have been held at the end of the week, since you’ll be riding so hard that you’d be lucky if your bike even functions as a unicycle by the end of the week. Of course, the orchestrators felt the need apply logic that you need a working bike in order to wreck it, so I’ll go along with that.

A number of shops will host repair services and teach you the basics of getting your bike running(you should know how to change a tire).

Metro put together a handy map of all those participating, including a filter for all the week’s events. Click on it here, but hurry! I don’t know how long this “Google” operation will be around.


Monday(5/11) – Bike Week Kickoff / Is Bicycling in Your Future

I just wanted an excuse to post this photo.

The ceremonial start of Bike Week begins 10am at Grand Park featuring a number of officials who represent us in some capacity. My guess is that Tom LaBonge will have his picture taken with a bike again.

Speaking of Grand Park, can we incarcerate Steve Aoki in some type of outdoor cage so he can spin tunes endlessly? At least force a one year residency on him. He’ll be performing a free concert at the park on the 16th so props to him.

Also later that night, Caltrans will be hosting a panel with a lot of transportation heavyweights to help you find the answer whether cycling is in your future(the answer will be yes). Of course, I don’t expect any opposition to that concept unless there’s massive pushback from the unicycle lobby.


Tuesday(5/12) – The Blessing of the Bicycles

Mr. CiclaValley does not order one denomination over another, except for the one true religion(What Would Beiber Do). All we know is it’s good to get a blessing over your bike, just in case.

The ceremony will be held at Good Samaritan Hospital(1225 Wilshire Blvd.) starting at 8:30am, meaning all those downtown types can feel good about their bikes before they rake and pillage inside the corporate world.


Wednesday(5/13) – Bike-in Movie / City Rides

Get off your bike for a couple of hours to watch more bikes! Ghost Bikes is hosting a shorts program featuring the theme, “Bike Love”. Don’t worry, no birds and bees involved.

The presentation will start at 8pm at Marsh Park, right along the LA River and just south of the Glendale Freeway. I’m pretty sure there will not be stadium seating, so bring your own accoutrements.

Throughout the day, there will also be a number of group rides held across the region, that you can find out about once again on the Google page. The only thing you should know is whyhasn’tanyoneputtogetheravalleyride? That’s on us!


Thursday(5/14) – Bike to Work Day Pit Stops / Handlebar Happy Hour / Color Wheels Art Show at CalTrans

The most widespread Bike Week action is hitting up one of the many pit stops you’ll find spread across the county. Even Mr. CiclaValley has been rumored to get into the act, at an intersection that may or may not be located at Riverside & Colfax.

If you think the valley LACBC Neighborhood Bike Ambassadors will be concentrated at one location, don’t over-estimate my power to annoy. You’ll also find my comrades at CSUN, situated at the corner of Zelzah & Nordoff(9a-10:30a, 3a-5:30a), and at Nikki’s Pizza(Victory / Balboa) with hours coming.MacLeod

There are also a number of stops that’ll also be handing out snacks and bike swag across the valley, including at Pure Fix Cycles, the Chatsworth Train Station, the Back to Wellness Center and some love from Walk Bike Glendale. If you haven’t figured it out, maybe checking that Google map would be easier.

You should also remember that today is national bike to work day. That’s a pretty self explanatory event(unless you work from home), but if you’re new to the game, you should try out one of the bike trains that day.

Adding to the fun, MacLeod Ale, a great cycling partner, will be holding a Handlebar Happy Hour(technically hours) from 6p-9p.

Lastly, CalTrans(they have their fingers in something again!) is hosting an art show that night involving all things Beiber!

Sorry, I’m fixated on that guy. Bikes! The exhibition is actually running all month, but tonight is the main reception, starting at 6pm. You can also RSVP on their facebook page.


Friday(5/15) – Metro Bike Night at Union Station

AngelCitySometimes, being on a bike is all the fun you need, but the week culminates(wait, isn’t that only six days?) with a big send off party at Union Station, put together by Metro.

If you haven’t already loaded up on free swag, this is the mother of all events, with giveaways for bikes, shirts, lights and more. Much more. I don’t know exactly what, but just that there will be more of it.

With all this couped up bike excitement, you’ll want to head over to the after party at Angel City Brewery, who thankfully support a number of cycling events throughout the year..

Once again, you can RSVP and now your week’s calendar should totally be full.


Federal Bar
Federal Bar

Lastly, a number of businesses will be offering discounts all week long, by showing your TAP card, at the Federal Bar, Bow & Truss or the Yogurtland at the Burbank Media Center.

Once again, thank you Bike Metro for coordinating all of these events. Spread the word among your friends and I most likely won’t see you out there.

Because there are so many events.

I’m just one person!