Briefings from the NBA Reunion & BMX Bike Show

For all the hype I was throwing NBA Reunion & BMX Bike Show, you know I had to show up.

Timing got me there in the early afternoon and right of the bat, I had a few people talk to me about the nuisances of BMX putting them in relation to the gravel bike I rode over.

Unfortunately, my time there was brief as rain drips turned into showers and everyone ran for the hills as these bikes were too cared for to get soaked.

I did snap a few quick pics, but obviously, not enough:











The ringleader of it all, Tommy Gelinas, took to Facebook Live to lay the groundwork for what was happening:



Of course, no event is legit unless you have drone coverage of it:



Thanks again to Tommy for hosting and making  Valley Relics Museum the focal point of the 818 this past Sunday.