Canada’s Great Trail is CiclaValley’s Calling

Time to plan a road trip of epic proportions.

Canada is building a bike trail that eclipses anything we have hear and Trump will have to move that wall up north to keep me from using it.

This 15,000 mile trail system, called the Great Trail, is expected to be finished next year in time for the country’s 150th anniversary.

What’s even more amazing is that the pathway spans all ten provinces including the three territories.

This project was initiated in 1992 and while the path isn’t complete today, it’s 87% done.


 I want a piece of this!

The fantastic part about it is that a good portion of it is built along former rail tracks meaning no crazy grades as you go through some of the mountain ranges.

This shows us that with all our unused train lines what a rails-to-trails movement can mean for exploration and cycling tourism!

Now, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to bike directly across country, as part of the system includes river trails, but still the connectivity is there.


Also it’s looking like the some of the surfaces will beg for wider tires, so if you haven’t been thinking about a gravel bike, I’d start nosing around now.

For me, it’s tough to say where I’d ride since I don’t have months of free time to jaunt about the whole country.

My inclination would be to head for the Canadian Rockies because you just have to.

I remember how much in awe I was of them even visiting as a jaded teenager that now I’m an adventure seeking adult, I just have to go.

Plus, it puts my somehow-still-in-effect dual citizenship to some good use!

Already in my mind I’m planning how to get from Calgary to Vancouver in roughly a week’s time.

Since I already have frozen myself riding in Ontario, why not try the Canadian Rockies?

Either way, this trail makes me want to do a bucket list column.

So why am I writing about this now with its opening so far away?

If anyone wants to sponsor me for the trip, I’m readily exploitable.

Even my forehead is available for tattoo space. Name your price!.

Hopefully in a year’s time I’ll be heading out there because I want to be one of the first before it gets too popular!