Caught on Video: Parent Repeatedly Bike Lane Driving in Front of Schools

Calling out bad drivers that are caught on video is not something look forward to do.

I unfortunately have a ton of footage from my daily rides that I could post, but I try my best to keep things positive.

One thing I try to avoid is posting people’s identities, but you really have to go out of your way for me to reach that far.

Wednesday morning, I left for work about five minutes earlier than usual heading down Colfax Ave.

This street has bike lanes connecting three public schools within a mile which sounds like as good of a place to calm traffic with kids all around.

While heading southbound, I could see ahead a Honda swinging into the bike lane to pass three vehicles only to dive back in front of the Middle School.

The driver always cut into the bike lane under the 101, only to sneak in after.


Seconds later, I could see the driver bend into the bike lane again thinking about a second run, but pulling back when she realized there wasn’t space.

I didn’t pass her until she was backed up across Moorpark and as I approached, not only was there a kid in the back, but she was texting as well.

She noticed me as I passed by and she gave me a big dismissive look like I was a fly in your soup.

I was very perturbed that someone driving with a child would have such a blatant disregard for safety for others, but I hoped it was a one time thing.

The next morning, I was leaving at the same time, so I figured to grab a second camera to capture this person in case this wasn’t an anomaly.

Taking the same route, I saw someone make the same maneuver under the freeway and while I was witnessing it a little further than the day before, once I neared, sure enough it was the same license plate ( ).

Almost on cue, at the same spot she tried failed second pass from the day before, she went for it this time cutting in front of a whole slew of cars.

I also had my second camera running and when I pulled up to her saying this is the second day in a row I caught this on video, she sounded anything far from apologetic.


…best viewed on a desktop at 1080p


This was compiled quickly, so I apologize for the lower quality, but I also didn’t want to reveal the child’s identity either.

Still, to see this happen on the streets where my family roams drives a pit to my stomach, let alone worry about my own safety.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come in contact with someone serious injured when someone whips around on the inside lane and unfortunately, I’ve had to honor the dead as well.

I hope I don’t catch her doing this again.


But here, this is not a second traffic lane specified for this use which comes down to pure selfishness and a lack of regard for human life.

There’s been a shift the last couple of years with Waze crowding our streets and heightening the urgency to get by, but as it comes as a cost of threatening people’s lives for a few seconds of advancement.

This is our neighborhood with our kids.

Do not be the person to shatter someone’s family over the greed of making time.