CiclaValley Appears on Bike Talk with Ted Rogers, Steve Messer & Neil Shirley

Another holiday gift for you! CiclaValley was very honored to wind up on one of the last episodes of Bike Talk for the year.

We were able to fit in a who’s who of cycling during the taping. Me? I was kind of a last minute add on since my original plans got squashed by a toddler flu epidemic.


TJ on the left, Nick on the right and my ghostly reflection in the window.

Nick Richert and TJ Flexer ran the show while I lurked in the background with the first guest was none other than Ted Rogers of Biking in LA fame. “Uncle Ted” is probably the closest thing our planet will experience to Obi Wan Kenobi.

How does he write those columns every single day? He must have an army of minions locked away in a basement searching for all those world wide stories.

BikeTalk02aNext came on Steve Messer, of the Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Association(CORBA). Steve has his hand in all things dirt and bikes and seems to be making a lot of headways in the community, even his recent work on the Ken Burton trail featured by the Radavist!

I then got to meet Bike Talk’s co-founder Jim Cadenhead, as we had a nice little back and forth giving him the scoop on CiclaValley.

Lastly, the Santa Clarita legend in the making and Road Bike Action magazine’s editor Neil Shirley came on to talk about completing the Everest Challenge for World Bike Relief and his upcoming “Four Days to Fitness” rides.

Really, there is enough there that the show could have gone on for hours, but luckily the crew knew how to reign it in. Thanks again for having me on: Bike Talk – December 12th, 2015