CiclaValley Leading the Valley Ride of Silence

There are somethings as a human being that you should feel obligated to do.

Remembering those that we have lost doesn’t just define who we are, but what type of future we want to direct.

Unfortunately, this applies to cycling as well.

Last year, I attended my first Ride of Silence in Pasadena and it really affected me.

It was just so powerful riding in such a large group, yet abstract with the absence of sound.

The solitude made me focus not just on all the people we have lost, but the network of loved ones ostensibly created in their wake.


I knew this event was so important that the valley needed one. With 1.8 million people tucked into our little “enclave” of the region, we deserve to be seen.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that on Wednesday, May 18th, I will be leading the Ride of Silence out of the North Hollywood Red Line Station, with special thanks to LACBC for organizing this.

As much as I wish a ride like this didn’t have to exist, I do find a strong responsibility to honor those we’ve lost.

The ride will be roughly seven miles at a 10-12mph pace. We will begin the ceremony at 6:30pm and roll promptly at 7:00pm, as a sign of unity for the other events taking place around the world.

I had done a couple months of route planning, but with the recent tragedy of Cairo Castaneda losing his life, the ride will roll by his ghost bike as part of the route.

Of course, if you can’t make the SF Valley ride, please support the Pasadena ride or one of the others taking place nearby.

I will be providing updates over the next month, but please RSVP through the LACBC page and share on Facebook.

I don’t ask a lot out of my followers, but this is the one event I really want everyone to step forward with this year. Thank you for helping me be part of this great community and I hope to see you out there.