CiclaValley Loves the Vision of an LA Olympics

I love this city.

It is vibrant and diverse in both it’s people and terrain.

Living through the 1984 Games, it was the greatest moment in our city’s history as everybody came together to celebrate not just as a city, but as a world we all share equally.

I feel that with all the turmoil and negativity in the world today, that bringing the Games back to Los Angeles would be a global moment.

Now, CiclaValley has long maintained that we’d be getting the Olympics in the 2020’s, but history shows Europe will win 2024 leaving the following Olympiad a sure thing for Los Angeles.

Still, this video, produced by LA 24, gives me goosebumps, quite a rarity for this cynical, I’ve-seen-it-all cyclist(I Love LA does it for me too):

I can’t think of any other city the world where this vision would be possible.

Our city is a convergence of the best the world has to offer spurned by a melting pot surrounded by a beautiful, multifaceted landscape.

Yes, the video doesn’t showcase our gaping holes, like homelessness, traffic, inequity, etc.

Cars still dominate our streets, but our consciousness about returning the roadway to all is shifting.

I’d like to think that the needle is moving in the opposite direction and maybe the Olympics will be the impetuous to get us there.

I’m glad we can still dream.