CiclaValley Returns to the La Tuna Fire

The La Tuna Fire is almost two months behind us, but is certainly not forgotten.

It holds the distinction of being the largest fire in the City of Los Angeles and that’s without mentioning the acreage burnt in Burbank and other areas.

I left town the day after it started, but I remember being amazed at the size of the flames from my house even though I had a highly occluded view.

Last week, I took by first visit back since the fire, albeit a brief one.

I only covered three miles, but that was enough to recognize that I had underestimated the fire’s scope.

Here’s a little photo gallery riding from the western side of the Verdugos from the Chandler Fire Road.



Just from the start, you don’t need to use any imagination to know how scared many homeowners were.



Chandler Fire Road isn’t for beginners, but even first timers will be taken aback by the starkness of the landscape.



Looking north, it’s only more of the same.




The sand is just so black.



A lone jogger in running through the center of the carnage.



Easy to take solitary photos.



The 210 is tucked into the middle, but you can see the fire reached the other side of the freeway as well.



Another view of other homes that avoided catastrophe.



Fire is metal.


Can you believe this is Los Angeles?



Perched at the end of the climb was one surviving untouched tree.



At the top of the peak was a box containing notes.



Mementos continue to be added.



A look to the higher peaks (east) along the Verdugo Motorway.