CiclaValley Shares his Spring Riding Wishlist

Why does spring seem so distinct this year?

Seasons change all the time, but a couple of weeks ago when we moved our clocks and “sprung forward”, the difference in time and attitude was so divergent that it felt like I had moved somewhere else.

I don’t know if it was the overindulgence of rain, the weather getting noticeably hotter or just having that extra hour of sunlight, but I’ve been extremely invigorated to get out there.

The problem is I’m overdosing because I’ll never have enough time to match my desires.

I love riding around Los Angeles, but I’m always looking to do something different.

The good news is that there are still many rides near and far I’ve never done.

I always hear the San Gabriel Mountains calling and now that I have a suitable gravel bike, I can go deeper into them.



All set to ride the San Gabriels.


I’m also confident that my set up will allow me to carry much more than the standard two water bottles so I can go longer without worrying to refuel.

The best part is how every year Strava and other mapping systems have better data, so finding new roads, especially the dirt ones, gets easier.

If my timing was better, the hope was to explore while there was still snow, but I’m looking to cover Mount Gleason, Pacifico and the Baldy Ski Lodge before it gets too hot.


I’m also looking to take the 39 all the way up, but heading east on Angeles Crest Highway to make my way to Rialto through Wrightwood.

Sounds different.

There’s also a few ride failures that I need to rectify.

The first is my crummy ride up Mount Wilson Toll Road where I didn’t ride with the proper gearing or tires to give it a go.


I’ll see you soon Mount Wilson.


I also better remember some bug repellant too if I’m going to have at it.

The other ride I need to avenge is my mud choking ride up Sulphur Mountain where even a 48 hour reprieve from the rain didn’t save me from the moisture.

Rolling through the Ojai hillsides seemed majestic until I couldn’t, so does it sound like I’m still bitter driving out of town for that?

Since I’m there, I would add on the Sisar Canyon climb up to Rose Valley Road and take Highway 33 down which is a descent I look forward to repeating.



The smooth descent down Highway 33.


Lastly, I’d like to throw in an LA to Solvang ride with the goal of reaching New Denmarkdam in one day.

It’s a pretty flat ride all the way out to Goleta with Refugio Road as the only main climb.

There’s a lot more climbs on my mind and even if I get through half of this list by Independence Day, I’ll be happy.

My schedule starts to clear up in July, so I’ll be looking to tackle the rest of this bucket list.

But I’m always open to suggestions….