CiclaValley Looks Forward to an Improved 7th Street (VIDEOS)

It was good to have someone last week check on the progress on the 7th Street bike lanes in DTLA if not overdue.

As some people remember, protected lanes were supposed to be funded by the Wilshire Grand project.

While the building is done, but the street still sits with the same galaxy of potholes.



The LA Downtown News points out that over $9 million was set aside from this project for 7th Street improvements.

It seems like the project has stalled, but if there is any silver lining, it is that the scope of the improvements may go further east past Olive into the Financial District or even all the way to the Arts District.


Obviously, rush hour is the best time for unloading…


That’s good news from a bike network standpoint, but how these improvements would affect the Skid Row population raises some serious concern.
Regardless, 7th Street just can’t stay the same.

Besides its current state of disrepair, there are issues with how the street is currently configured.

For example, drivers never move far enough to the side approaching Olive from Hill constantly forcing cyclists awkwardly into traffic:


and again…



A couple blocks down at Hope, there always seems to be a driver stopped in the intersection ignoring there wasn’t space to cross.

Shouldn’t we have traffic cops devoted to just this or are we worried their hands will fall off writing tickets?


There is no hope at Hope.


I got an idea for one of solution for 7th Street while in Vancouver for closing down the street to regular traffic allowing just cyclists and buses through the corridor.

I’m cool with traffic cops using it too.

While Councilmember Huizar being one of the most progressive members of City Council, I hope changes happen sooner than later.

7th Street plays a big role downtown as one of the few two way passages from Temple down to 11th, has a Metro Station with three lines running on it, and connects directly to the west.

This corridor could easily serve as the corridor that links it all, it just has to be made.