CiclaValley’s Best Cycling Instagrams of 2018

Every year I look back at my cycling pics through the eyes of Instragram, the time period feels far more epic than I remember it.

Gone are all the mundane rides to work and those memories of epic excursions carry far more weight.

Even using that periodic Best 9 Instagram tool doesn’t seem to capture it:



2018 has definitely been a landmark in so many ways.

There was a lot more exploration even though a great deal was done locally still providing a lot of opportunity.

I also purchased my first semi-legit camera in my Fuji x100 off of Craigslist which has provided some exquisite images while I’m still trying to figure the damn thing out.

Looking back is also a personal journey as there are moments where taking pics would have distracted from the experience, but the connection I have from these other rides takes me there.

Here are some of my favorites and I encourage you to explore more in 2019!




I’ll be posting more about this epic trip soon, but day two of our Sequoia trip took us up Kaiser Pass which made us feel like we were in an ocean of mountains.


Sometimes while riding, you forget to look back, but never have I been this surprised to view these layers of gold.


It’s strange to look back at this August photo off of Latigo Canyon in relation to the damage from the Woosley Fire.


As painful as the switchbacks up Mount Baldy are, there is some payback.


Louis Kahn is one of my biggest influences in my life. If you’re ever making the ride down to San Diego, don’t miss it because it’s just off the road.


I took some more friends along the Old Ridge Route. It warms the heart to share the epicness.



The wind at Red Rock Canyon State Park made it impossible to ride, but the atmosphere was great even for those few minutes.


The ride to honor Dedrick Kon’s life had a sad overtone, but the I did feel blessed to be part of this community.


I’ll probably never get to travel to the moon, but making it up to Mount Gleason does give you an out of this world view of LA.


I came across Kjeld’s group on an abloc ride at the helipad. This pic was an accident, but ended up being perfect.


Of course, I ended the year the same way I started….in the mountains!! Happy 2018 and look forward to stretching it out even more in 2019!