CiclaValley’s Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

Holiday season is upon us and it’s time to rejoice with your friends and family in this season of giving.

Before I continue on, let me thank you all equally for the gifts you purchased for me after I posted last year’s column.

I recognize this is just a wish list, but I have faith that as my following builds exponentially (I’ll say inching up qualifies too), that one of you will hit the jackpot and you’ll want to reward those that have inspired you.


Now go out there and buy those tickets.

Gifts might not make me whole, but I’ll never know until they come!

Here are some of the things that I’m hoping show up at my place this Christmas Eve (it’s also the start of Hanukkah):


RoadRunner Burrito Bag ($35)
I’ve already talked about buying the Burrito Supreme and loving it, but I’m facing the same dilemma everyone else is trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone you didn’t want to spend that much money on. Boom. I give you the regular burrito bag at just $35. Everyone keeps asking to borrow mine, but I’m using it all the time! Please give to others so there’s one less person bugging me.



superdomestik superdarkcode ($145)

Picking kits are tough. There’s so much good stuff out there that I can only pick a few. I’ve really loved superdomestik’s work because of their super-graphicy feel. I’m a big fan of their new superpacer and supertrack kits, but if I had to pick one, it would be from their superdarkcode line. It does pose the dilemma of having four color combos to pick from, but aren’t they as cool as Blade Runner?



Drift Stealth 2 ($79.99)

I’ve mentioned this many times before: GET A CAMERA! You may never need one and that’s good, but don’t let me be Mr. I Told You So this holiday season. B & H Photo has the Drift Stealth 2 Camera for sale for $79.99 right now! It’s not GoPro picture quality, but the battery lasts almost twice as long and charges easily. At this price, you’ll be pretty satisfied. Additional cost: you’ll have to purchase an additional camera mount (I go with K-Edge) with a 1/4″ mount, but most cameras you’ll buy this is an added cost anyways. Just steer away from any mount that’s plastic.



Moots Routt 45 ($4,259)

2016 was the year that introduced me to steel. It’s a little heavier than I’d like it to be, but still has provided me with a great ride. My carbon bike has been through its ups and downs, so why not try titanium for 2017? There’s a lot of great small companies out there building these frames, but I don’t have the knowledge to pick which from which. All I know is if you’re riding a Moots, you’ve done something good. The Routt 45 would be the route (sorry) I would go with a tire clearance of 45mm, which is all I’m asking. The Chris King headset is a bonus though.


Team Dream Hand Stripe ($130)

Just in time for the holidays, Team Dream has some new products coming out which you should get your significant other to add to their shopping list. I love how their designs are variations on simple themes, but they always find the right balance of color and detailing that embodies the word style. The new Hand Stripe collection hits another home run with its bubble gum colors that not too many other designers can pull off.



Ortlieb Seat-Pack ($159.96)

Having bike racks for bags are great, but I’m finding the extra weight overkill when I’ve carrying just clothes for work. That’s why seat packs are such a great alternative. For me, I’ve never noticed the extra weight nor felt it change my center of gravity going through turns. The problem I have with the brand I’m currently using is that it hits the tire on larger loads. I know Ortlieb can do no wrong and while this may seem like a bit of cash to spend, you’ll notice it’s a much better option than riding with racks or a backpack.