CiclaValley’s Latest Instagrams

Does CiclaValley think he’s a great photographer?

I don’t really care.

Cycling takes me to some pretty great places, so much so that it’s hard to remember them all.

My mind wanders a lot thinking about the next great adventure ahead.

Since the realization of those thoughts rarely occur, I check back regularly on the places I’ve been to at least retain the fulfillment that my cupboard isn’t bare.

Here are some of my recent favorites with some commentary:

  This past weekend, I went up the ‘crest with some friends as they shot a bunch of pics for Rafi’s new lineup of socks. I’ve never been to Mt. Disappointment before, but needless to say it’s inappropriately named.  

As they continued to shoot me and a different Michael headed to Mt. Wilson to get some extra miles in. I’ve seen this view before, but it always amazes me that the clouds always rest at that perfect elevation.

  GoPro cameras can really distort images in a fascinating way. This was taken riding across Hansen Dam giving the impression there’s nothing around for miles.  

Push. #gopro #chase #bikela #bikesfv #cyclingphotos #cycling #cyclingpics #bikerace #rapha #rollcallsf #paceline A photo posted by ciclavalley (@ciclavalley) on

All I can say is this guy doesn’t like me being in front. You know who you are…

  I was riding to work with my friend Michael on the route through Griffith Park that I do a few times a month. When I got over to the Hollywood side, everything had an amazing shade of blue. Then I took off my orange tinted sunglasses and the color just got richer. I pulled put my camera phone and was shocked I got an image like this.  

I should be racing, but it’s easy to get distracted climbing the eastern Sierras.

  Riding down Vine is always a guilty pleasure of mine even going through tourist central. Yeah, it’s a little corny, but I love me that Capitol Records.  


  If you want to be taken seriously as a cyclist in Los Angeles, you need at least one good helipad shot on your resume.  

I didn’t have the camera handy, but the cop car was practically begging me to take a pic slowing down to just our speed. I hope he was in tune that both subjects lacked pigmentation.

Another first for me, I finally rode Deer Creek, the furthest paved climb west off of PCH. The pitch is steep, so you’re really taken in by the constant change of perspective against the ocean. One note you may have caught: the image is flipped horizontally.