CiclaValley’s Photography Skills on Display

Is CiclaValley a photographer? No, I’m barely even a rider!

I have no aspirations to go Ansel Adams or even to be revered for my work. I’m just trying to be less bad each time I go out there.

By my amateur opinion, Los Angeles is an amazing place to take photos that combine the ruralness leaking from all our mountains against a vibrant urban landscape. Try doing that New York.

If you want more of a daily dose, follow me on Instagram. Otherwise, here’s a selection of some of my recent favorites:


The Capitol Records building is one of most iconic buildings in LA, but few people ever get to see it from this angle. Few people know that Vine continues above Franklin and provides this view.


This is a shot of Prefugo Canyon between San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach. The two times I’ve done this road, I’ve yet to see a car drive by.


Yeah, I’m in the middle of a race, but this wasn’t going in the history books. Why not pull out a camera?


The Hollywood Hills provide some gnarly sky views. I just realize a car was coming into the frame…




Eldred is the steepest street in LA and 3rd most in the US. You can feel the pain climbing at 34% even from this far back.


It outstands me every time I go through Franklin Canyon. This is the geographic center of Los Angeles County!


Upper Las Virgenes Park makes you feel like you’re out somewhere in Central California, but here instead…


I didn’t pick up immediately that this section of Mulholland was recently repaved last week, but when Phil Gaimon started taking pictures, I knew it was my cue.