CicLAvia Recap : Heart of LA

Happy fifth birthday CicLAvia and you’re looking as good as ever. You might think that yesterday’s incarnation over the most reoccurring route would become tiresome, but people keep coming out earlier and bring more friends from far and wide.

You would have thought the early rain might have deterred a strong crowd, but by 9:30 am, everything looked to be in full CicHt15effect.

The beauty of CicLAvia is that it doesn’t have to compete with itself; striving to be bigger and bolder with every event.

Open streets just sell themselves. You can’t substitute the experience of sharing the road with 100,000 of your closest friends(that won’t run you over).

CicLAvia also lends itself to self discovery, with participants always having a plethora of food and drink choices that would take a lifetime to discover.

Okay, there was one major disappointment to yesterday’s ride: the Dodgers losing to the Mets.

Had they advanced, Game 2 would have started at 4:30pm due to television commitments, pitting baseball fans against CicLAvia.

It would have been a huge national story and I bet Angelenos would have risen to the occasion and embraced both.

Instead, we’ll have to wait another year for that chance while Don Mattingly composes three envelopes.

Anyways, onto my photo log of the day that was…



7.36 am. CicLAvia prep is a tad rainy and people start to freak out!


8:33 am. These ducks are paying homage to the late, great Mitch Hedberg


8:34 am. People are starting to get their pregame on


9:14 am. Does everyone know I’m on Periscope?


9:17am  – Just picking up. Probably because Clifton’s isn’t open yet.


It’s only 9:22am and I already got my prerequisite pic of a tall bike in.


9:23am – Bernie Sanders was the runaway winner in the unicycle category.


9:33am – This guy put a lot of time into this. I’m not lion.


12:12pm – Mayor Garcetti has done little to address our massive graffiti problem


1:30 pm – Triple bike. I thought these were only legal in Utah.


1:35 pm – Going multi-modal


2:00 pm – Now CicLAvia is at full capacity


2:03 pm – Plugging Cirque du Soliel show, but who can help but to show these tall bike?


2:24 pm – People enjoying the last block of CicLAvia


2:32 pm – Caught this going over Broadway. Irony of people held hostage in their cars while cyclists roam freely.