Climate Ride Fundraiser at MacLeod Ale

Biking is good for the environment.

Duh, but there’s always more that we can do.

Team LACBC is returning to the Northern California edition of the Climate Ride next month and they’re still raising money to help the cause.

Mr. CiclaValley would love to have been part of this ride as I’ve always dreamed of cycling the top portion of this state. The redwood forests. Our amazing coast line. Some of the best craft breweries in the world. Why am I talking myself back into this? I have to work!

To help fundraise, this Saturday night, Doug John and Nora Hipolito will be at MacLeod Ale in Van Nuys from 5pm to 10pm with a couple of ways to make your dollar go towards the environment.

First, a dollar of every beer purchased during that time frame will go directly towards their efforts.


Mr. CiclaValley takes training for the Climate Ride and selfies seriously!

What sounds like more fun is Doug and Nora are setting up a couple of trainers where $5 goes toward one minute of riding. They won’t be taking it easy because they’ll be tracked for distance covered, so whoever goes the furthest wins and takes 60% of the pot.

I know what you’re thinking. Let’s go do some math:

$5/minute x 60 minutes x 5 hours = $1,500

If I had that type of cash rolling around, I’m pretty sure I’d put the hurt on both of them. Thank God I’m not Dan Bilzerian.

You can follow more details on their facebook page or if you can’t make it, donate directly to Doug or Nora on their Climate Ride pages.