Diary of a CiclaBurbank

Yes, I had prior commitments, but do you think CiclaValley is going to miss an open streets event in the 818?


Especially, when the fine folks at Walk Bike Burbank are involved. It was a real testament to this organization to put something like this together.

Most open streets events around town do it with the benefit of Metro funding, but WBB thought that this was important enough to fundraise by themselves, even putting their own skin in the game.

It felt great to stop by and feel the pride coming from this group. They are patient, dedicated and are willing to tough it out to make Burbank the bikeable city it deserves to be.

Anyways, onto the festivities:


So great to see all the bright, dedicated members of Walk Bike Burbank. Oh yes, Kevin Hopps was there too.

CiclaBurbank02You should already know, but Pure Fix Cycles are located in Burbank and are a big supporter of WBB.

CiclaBurbank04All this cool swag can be yours…


I handed out my best dressed award early.


Some families getting an early jump to CiclaBurbank


Dead jersey. Clean smell.


I don’t think anyone has taken more bike photos than Tie-Dye Dave.


Finally, I look like a cyclist.


Patti Hollis opening the bike valet for business


Anyone recognize this place from a Tarantino movie?




Anyone spot a hazard?


Who could resist the Batmobile?


Riders read to make a turn around.


Walk Bike Burbank President Mike Hollis also served as CiclaBurbank’s DJ.

I had to leave CiclaBurbank around 9am, but it seemed like more people were showing up on my way out. All in all, I think the event was a success and I can’t wait to see what happens next!