Diary of a Valley CicLAvia 3.0

CicLAvia dropped yesterday and I’m giving it two energetic thumbs up even though that makes it tougher for me to type.

Having the course duplicated from two years prior made it a little less focus on the sites and more on the experience.

People were excited to have this level of freedom whether it be by biking, skating or even taking to the streets like a regular biped.

We were also blessed with pretty good weather as the marine layer stuck around a bit later than usual.

A day later, I’m still pretty jacked from the event and am still reliving it.

Thank goodness I have photos to keep the day alive….



The first hour of a CicLAvia is always a little light, but the purists know this is the best time to come out to enjoy “opener” streets like LADOT’s Seleta Reynolds.



This is what a CicLAvia vet looks like.



Love seeing my favorite 818’s Hector out making people rubberneck at his Merckx. I’ve got a special project coming with him once I get off my ass to make it happen.



The good thing about stoplights is they give me an open opportunity to take pics, like of the Panorama Theater.



You also found a good amount of activism along the route.



Plenty of Mexico flags out and about. Skateboarders too.



Pacoima might have been the busiest hub of the day, but really it was hard to say as I couldn’t be at three places at once!



Councilmember Nury Martinez huffed this thing four miles! It’s even a more amazing feat considering she was riding in the uphill direction!


She may be a bit young to understand open streets, but definitely was able to appreciate it!



All the pics being taken in front of the Danny Trejo mural started to make me thing where’s mine?



Another family moment as this daughter guided her mom along their scooter ride.



CicLAvia’s don’t happen without a lot of great volunteers and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who donates his time for cycling causes than Trent!



You always have to prepare for the possibility of a kid tiring out early.



The Los Ryderz Bike Club came all the way out to the GR818 to make an appearance.


The Panorama Hub was pretty hopping and it was cool to pick up a Hollywood Bowl tote bag recycled from a street banner.



Sometimes, I looked at this CicLAvia through the lens of a light rail line traveling down the middle of this street in a decade.



I think the kid in front wishes he was riding a BMX bike too.



Got to grub VIP style at La Sirenita.



..and yes, it was another never-ending cavalcade of riders!



If you had a family along, this was the way to go.


Thanks for another great CicLAvia and let’s hope I’ll be posting 4.0 in 2019!