Draft is Back at Pure Cycles this Thursday

I’ll keep repeating it.

All you need to know is: bikes and beer.

Free is also good to remember

Draft is one of the best cycling meetups in LA and it’s back for the 5th time.

Normally, if people offered me food and beer, that would be enough, but of course, it’s about the bikes.

First of all, it’s a who’s who of the cycling community that shows up.



There’s so many luminaries, that it’s just accepted you’re not going to talk to everyone.

Second, there are always great speakers we get to hear from (present company excluded).

This edition will feature speakers USA Olympic Cyclist Giddeon Massie, Jenny Johnson – President Mount Wilson Bicycling Association and Kyle Jasen, CEO of SURESTOP.

So if you’re good at taking a hint, I’ll be there because Draft is the place to be.

RSVP here.