End of an Era: CiclaValley races Barry Wolfe Part 1(VIDEO)

Around that moment when I forget that I race bikes, Boom! I race bikes.

I’ve had a goal for this season to complete at least four races, which would put me at the ten needed to upgrade from Cat 5 to Cat 4 for USA Cycling.

My team had a requirement that all racers needed to get out of Cat 5 for this season. I never asked to see how serious this rule would hold, but it sounded like a good goal.



 Got to keep your eyes peeled for racers like this.

After registering and backing out of two races in Santa Barbara and completing the Chuck Pontius Omnium, I had just two in front of me to reach that landmark.

I don’t like crits, but Barry Wolfe was a half hour away in Westlake this Sunday and I could knock out two races before 10am by doing both the Cat 5 and the Cat 4/5 30+ races.

Once again, I’ll state my primary goal with crits isn’t to win at all costs, but go home in one piece.

My pack riding skills are good, but in terms of finishing? It’s a work in progress.

Think about it, how often do you truly get to practice sprints? Pretty much only in races. And even then.

So far, my practice has been get into a position where I’m not swarmed, stay to the outside to be safe and then maybe open up things a bit.

Being somewhere in the top 10 is gravy, but I’m starting to realize that finding good position at the end isn’t too hard to find. Anyways, enjoy: