Feel My Legs I’m a Racer Coming this Sunday

It’s go time.FML03

Feel My Legs I’m a Racer is finally here this weekend ready to leave you sideways for the next few weeks. Ten of the most grueling hills all in one November morning will put you on the express pain train.

It’s a competition of sorts, but your main combatant may be yourself. Trying to keep up with everyone can throw your game off and put you into the hurt zone well before you’re prepared.

That’s not to mention making it up Fargo or Eldred while scores of other cyclists weave across the street on their last gasps as well.

There’s also points for the first five finishers, but no prizes, the point being don’t be a dick out there. Have fun and ride respectfully.


My favorite part is rolling through some of LA’s most storied neighborhoods, although you probably don’t get to take in the significance while climbing a street like Micheltorena.

Last year, I took in the first half of the ride. This time, I’ve got to do some juggling since I thought it was on a Saturday.

Even if I do make it, you’ll probably miss me among the horde even if a small portion of the people who signed up on the Facebook page comes.

Feel my Legs meets up at at 730am with a rollout at 8am. Bring water, gels and a coupon code for Uber.