Forest Lawn Drive UPDATE 10:42am: Work has started, but….

Biking by on Forest Lawn Drive this morning, work has started on removing dirt, but it’s like bring a knife to a shootout.


First of all, there is a lone sign saying “road construction ahead”. It doesn’t indicate that cyclists can take the lane or for cars to slow down. Good luck with that.


Hard to see, but there has been some removal of the dirt. Then again, Forest Lawn Drive is down to one lane now. Would you like to cycle on that?



There’s another enormous dirt pile on the other side of the road further east going westbound. Of course, there’s no signage to be found.


Going further heading west, the lane is completely covered again. If you’re riding a bike with fat tires, it’s passible. But for anyone going 35mm or below, it’s pretty unacceptable. Going back to today’s theme: there’s no signs here either.


Here’s a street sweeper giving it a go to clean it up. Only 5,662 more passes and it’ll be gone.