Friday Funday Wheelie

Yeah, we all want to wheelie.

After seeing Peter Sagan’s antics while he has arguably become the best cyclist in the world, everyone had wanted in the back of their minds to go on a one wheeled ride making it look like no big deal.

My rides on Friday are something I look forward to every week because of the mixture of everyone pushing themselves and the fun people that are out there.

Rob Stotts, owner of the H & S bike shops, joins us regularly and you always take a look at which bike he brings out each Wheelieweek.

On top of his cycling flair, he has some mad skills out there. In fact, I’m starting to think he’s getting bored of riding with two wheels on the ground.

A few weeks ago, we were coming up the backside of the Hollywood Reservoir when Rob started his unicycle impression. We got halfway up the hill and he was still going.

I started to record figuring I’d jinx it somehow, but he just kept on keeping on. Enjoy: