Gravel Bike California: Mount Lowe

Send it Sunday Mount Lowe

Our Send it Sunday Gravel Ride series continued with yet another epic ride up Mount Lowe.

This has been our fourth ride so far and even though the routes change, they have all scored high on the fun scale.

I knew Mount Lowe was going to be one of Gravel Bike California’s first rides, but I didn’t think this was the route I’d be taking.

Mount Lowe Road


Conditions on dirt roads can change and a couple of years ago, we would have climbed Mount Wilson Toll Road and then come down Mount Lowe.

The downhill has gotten a lot rockier since that time while the Toll Roll has improved a lot save for the one landslide section.

This was also our first ride where we were transitioning out of the summer heat, but over a mile’s worth of climbing made this feel like two separate climbs.



The bottom part of the climb was steep and paved meaning you were going to sweat a bit going upon.

Once we hit the dirt portion where we meet up with the historical old Mount Lowe Railroad, the sun got tucked away and temperatures dropped.

When we started the ride at 8am, it was a modest mid 60s in Altadena, but when we reached the Cosmic Cafe up on Mount Wilson, we were on the wrong side of 50F.

What this difference did provide was some amazing views as the clouds flowed over Mount Lowe and the Mueller Tunnel.

Mount wilson toll road

That provided some great picture taking, but minutes later visibility went down to a minimum.

Once again, it was great to have a returning group also with a few newcomers as it’s really been the more, the merrier.

Our next Send it Sunday is already coming up on October 20 with a new twist:

Ending at a Brewery!

I love San Fernando Brewing Company for their quality of variety, healthy pours and great atmosphere.

You could say this ride is just an excuse to visit!

The next route is also a lot of vert, so if you’re prepared for the grindage, I hope to see you out October 20.