Griffith Park Adds…a Water Fountain!

Riding through Griffith Park this Saturday, I came across a surprise that wasn’t groundbreaking, but well received nonetheless.

About two-thirds up Mt. Hollywood Drive on the Los Feliz side a new, state of the art fountain was standing there glistening in the afternoon sun.

ADA complaint and all despite the roadway being far from compliant.




I had ridden by this area on Monday and I remember seeing a crew doing something, but nothing seemed unusual as this post often demands attention since there’s a lot of dirt runoff in this area.

Looking at the aerial made me remember something:




There used to be trees there!

…and apparently a big red marker.

For me, I normally don’t need a refueling in the middle of the park, but on this particular day, I happened to be low.



Water fountain already put to use!


This will probably come in handy more for hikers and joggers, but anything to improve the quality of the park, I’m for.

The only drawback about the fountain were these:



Dees bees please.


It was impossible to drink from the two spigots because there were completely covered with bees, but you had a chance if you used the water bottle dispenser.

I’m just happy to see Griffith Park improving and looking for new ways to better use the park.

Pretty rare to see in this day and age…