Griffith Park Plan Fallout: CiclaValley to Appear on RADIO!

This has gotten bad fast. Someone wants to talk to me. And about issues and stuff!

I’ll be appearing on the Larry Mantle show today at 12:40pm speaking my mind on this developing Griffith Park Plan. You can listen live online, tune your radiomatron to 89.3FM or replay the recorded podcast.


You and I are thinking the same thing. Why me? Originally, the program contacted CicLAvia about yesterday’s article, probably thinking the no one was dumb enough to go by a similar moniker. That’s a half-truth.

To be honest, I’m still digesting the whole plan myself. Shuttles off of Mt. Hollywood Drive? Yes, I’m against it. Paid parking in Griffith? I was waiting for more details before I make my decision.

My worry was, what if parking cost $20? If you were a tourist wanting to get your pic of the Hollywood sign and a free shuttle to the viewpoint, you’d totally do it. For the locals that want to use the park regularly, that would be cost prohibitive.

It looks like the fees will be underneath an Andrew Jackson portrait, but I’m still gathering information before I go all strong opinion on you.

We’ll see how today goes. I know it won’t just be me on the interview, probably someone from the city speaking to the changes.

One problem I need to tackle is not using the word “exacerbate” too frequently. I was practicing for the interview with wife when that word kept coming up. Now, that makes me think of that “Kids in the Hall” skit:

Oh well, it would have made a good drinking game.

Tune in, but more importantly, remember to show up tonight(3201 Riverside Dr., Friendship Auditorium) and email all the respective parties. Here’s the form letter and emails again:

As a cyclist and hiker who regularly hikes and rides Mt. Hollywood I urge you all to not open the Mt Hollywood gates to city shuttle traffic. It will create a hazard for equestrians, hikers and cyclists on the Mt. Hollywood Drive, will disturb the serenity of one of the most popular trails and areas of Griffith Park, harm the environment and needlessly congest a wild area.

Thank you,

(your name)

General Manager, Michael Shull: MICHAEL.A.SHULL@LACITY.ORG
Superintendent of Griffith Park, Joe Salaices: JOE.SALAICES@LACITY.ORG
Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners:RAP.COMMISSIONERS@LACITY.ORG
LA City Council Member David Ryu: CD4.ISSUES@LACITY.ORG