How do you sell driving? With bikes!

Are cars really the be all and end all?

The other day, I was thumbing through AAA’s westwards magazine which highlights trip options and destinations for their auto-centric membership.

Thumbing through it, I came across a feature about Calgary which in it’s first sentence touted their bike lane network.





I found it odd to find this reference highlighted primely and the cynic in me wondered how many more bike references there would be.

Actually, quite a bit more than I thought:



Some bike “tips” off the bat.



Let’s go visit Ventura so we can bike.



Manhattan Beach is a cool enough place…



….because of its great bike access.



The O.C. is so extreme!!!



Even Vision Zero made it in. Of course, with bikes.



Hollywood and Highland is a great place now that less people die.



In Solvang, you better bike!


This was just from a quick go-over, so there may have even been more that I missed.

The question to ask is why are bikes so prominently featured in a car magazine?

Pretty much every trip we take in a car is to get us from one place to another.

If you’re traveling, you want that place to be cool and you’ll have to get out of your car.

Doesn’t all these mentions show that cycling signifies¬†desirable places to visit?