Is Sunday’s Phil’s Fondo, a Phil’s Farewell?

“…¬†everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.” – Brian Flanagan.

That’s a quote from the movie, “Cocktail”, but I actually feel like I’m quoting Sports Guy using a pop culture reference relative to the real world.

I would use that quote in a timely manner whenever I needed something clever to say, but over time, those words started losing meaning.

As you get older, you realize the one constant is change.

We keep thinking about the things you would say if you could speak to yourself twenty years ago, but now I realize the ups and downs is what shaped me for who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


As Charles Barkley has said, “Time is undefeated” and embracing change is a far more positive experience than living out the past.

When Phil Gaimon announced his retirement from pro cycling on Monday, it was met with the usual resistance from the cycling community that they were losing another one of their favorites from the pro ranks, but not from me.

No one can be a professional athlete forever, but not everyone has the skills to move on.


Retirement sounds easy, but I don’t think it’ll keep Phil from making people like me suffer…


Training at the top level is extremely hard work and sometimes when you make that commitment, it’s hard to let go.

You can tell from his book or his frequent contributions, Phil is someone who can also look at the big picture and knows where his skills fit in.

As a footnote, this opinion is coming from someone whose company folded and instead of staying in the same field, decided to reinvent himself in an entirely new career.

It wasn’t easy and there were deep thoughts about¬†self doubt, but the perseverance paid off and I feel fortunate to have another phase added to my life.



I think Phil will maintain his cookie a day diet.


I’m sure this decision wasn’t easy for Phil and while no new path carries any guarantees, he is still very young (in the eyes of CiclaValley) and I’m excited to see where the next phase takes him.

Now, do I expect him to fatten up to the point I can manageably compete with him?

Phil taking the coveted Nichols KOM right before this announcement should answer that question.

I’ve been looking forward to his fondo for months now, but while some people are calling this a retirement party, I’m just seeing it as a bunch of friends spending a fun day on bikes.

I’m super excited for Sunday and if you want to sign up for whatever motivation, online registration is still available for Phil’s Fondo until Thursday night.

I’ll be out doing the 86 miler and if Phil and I have any talk about retirement, it’ll be about cookies, not cycling..