Joe Linton’s PCH Family Bike Tour is an Inspiration

(photo by Joe Linton)

I loved writing my post yesterday about my bike vacation down to Dana Point, but I’ll tell you now it was incomplete.

Over Facebook, I was following Joe Linton’s Pacific Coast Highway bike tour daily the past week, but I didn’t want to mention it because I won’t share family matters until they made public.

He posted about his ride on Streetsblog LA a few hours after I published mine, but I wanted to give him credit for helping inspire us to take our trip.

We had been doing everything to prepare ourselves for a bike vacation other than committing to a date.


CV Jr. has never complained about sitting in her bike seat…or gone potty.

When I saw that Joe was taking his daughter of a similar age on a week’s trip down some of our state’s prettiest coastline, I knew the least we could do was take a day off enjoying modest accommodations.

I’m so thankful that Joe shared his journey with us because stories like these start a chain reaction of interest.

Being a parent is a trial and error process, so even investing a day’s worth of time for family riding can sound daunting.

But once you commit, you find that kids love being on a bike.

Didn’t you feel the same way once?