CiclaValley Ups his Game with Kitsac Cycling Caps

I think I’ve written the same article many times.

Mr. CiclaValley doesn’t really think of himself as being fashion forward, but over time, I’ve slowly meandered into the Kitsac01realm of stylish cycling kits, socks, backpacks and other regalia, often with a disclaimer that I don’t know what I’m doing.

Now that I look into the mirror at my former self, I can say I’ve definitely changed from someone wearing clothes from knockoff city to one that spends more time than I can comprehend to what I put on.

When some cycling caps showed up in the office a couple of weeks ago, I was obviously intrigued. My previous self
would have been unbridably giddy over any swag, but this is the new, highly selective me.

I have enough useless crap at home, so if there’s any item that even just possibly sit in convalescence, I won’t have it. That’s not the case with Kitsac.

They had sent us a colorful potpourri of caps that was definitely mouth watering. Every time I would pick the one I liked most, my eye would wander to another for a new favorite son. Kitsac03

It’s not just the classical styling that I like, but I’m one for the shorter bill because I thinks it fits under my helmet more efficiently than regular caps.

I’m also very partial to clothing that is Made in the USA, so thumbs up America. I took a cap for spin around DTLA on a semi-cold wintery morning and while I was aware of the wool fabric, I felt like it was breathable to handle some of our warmer temperatures.

Could I see myself buying one for everyday of the week? I’d have to fight back the urge since Mrs. CiclaValley would probably follow suit, but I guess worse things could happen.