LACBC Part of LA’s Growing Cycling Kit Scene

Style. It’s a beautiful thing.

Not only does it look good to wear something fashionable, but it tells something about yourself too.

The goal of this collaboration between LACBC and súperdomestik was to represent Los Angeles in a number of ways.


súperdomestik’s Guns of Brixton Kit


The focus wasn’t just on this great advocacy group that makes the region a better place to bike, but also the emerging clothing scene in the area.

Good taste are two words that haven’t been associated with cycling for an extended period of time, but that perception has changed the last few years with local outfits like Golden Saddle, Machines for Freedom, Team Dream Team, the Radavist, Endo Customs and Volar Active (pictured clockwise) just to name a few.




súperdomestik has left their own imprint and have added to the conundrum of “which kit should I buy?”

Through this process, it was interesting to see the design’s development that eloved using the LACBC color palette into the finished product you see now.

I’m pretty happy to wear this kit as a sign of support to LACBC, but I’m glad I’ll be looking good doing it too.

As should you. You can get yours at: