LA’s Hidden Cycling Treasures: Elysian Park

Elysian Park gets treated as the bastard child to our main attraction, Griffith Park. That’s not to say that Elysian Park is subpar, it’s actually kick ass in it’s own right.

Go Doyers!
Go Doyers!

There’s plenty of space to roam and hike. It has a BBQ area, baseball field and children’s playground with the best views of downtown LA. Most don’t know that it’s an amazing place to tailgate before a Dodger game(although that’s supposed to change).

With all the hills, you’d think this would be a cycling mecca. Well, no.

There has been one thing holding this park back: the horrid road conditions. I’ve ridden all over the city and by far these streets are the worst. Potholes are part of larger potholes. Chunks of asphalt flow like rapids. Dirt plays the purpose of breaking your fall.

But the solitude and the scenery of the park kept bringing us back. Now, this secret is going to change.

I don’t know what buttons got pushed, but I have never seen such a complete transformation of anywhere I’ve ridden. Elysian Park went from the worst roads you could imagine to some of the best.

The repaving has had a positive transformative effect that you should check out. Here’s a video a friend of mine took that shows no hint of its prior life: