Late Night Fun with Walk Bike Burbank’s Midnight Ramble

I feel like I should be doing a better job whenever I write articles about Walk Bike Burbank.

Every time I join them, I always make mention about what a group of people they are.

I’m setting myself up to sound like a broken record, but this past Saturday night’s Midnight Ramble was another great outing with great company.

I missed the inaugural ride last year not because I didn’t make the time, but it was the most exhausted day I had ever had and went to bed around 9pm.

I put this year’s ride early enough on the calendar, but I was unsure if Mrs. CiclaValley was beaten down from the work week, so as part of the gamble we didn’t ask for a babysitter until the night before.

Since the ride didn’t roll until 11pm, all a babysitter had to do was watch TV while CV Jr. slept. Fortunately, we were able to find someone who had those skills.

We showed up about a half hour early at the starting point at Pure Fix Cycles who have been great supporters of Walk Bike Burbank.


Walk Bike Burbank President Mike Hollis giving out ride instructions like the Hunger Games

There was already a good sized crew assembled and of course, a few stragglers made their way as the ride was starting.

The pace was easy and conversational as we made an oblong figure 8 shaped around Burbank.

Part of the smooth flow came from WBB having a good sized and well organized crew of ride marshals that kept things rolling.

After we left the Chandler Bikeway, we rolled along mostly bike lanes, but Burbank was so vacant at that hour that we pretty much had the streets to ourselves.

If people don’t already know this, the ride highlighted the fact that you could connect with a number of different pockets in Burbank simply by bike whereas if you tried to do the same during business hours in a car, good luck finding parking.

The ride was about eleven miles, but I barely got a chance to talk to my wife because we were both talking to old friends and making new ones.

In fact, this was such a fun ride, I barely pulled out my camera to take photos. Yes, me! (If you want to check out photos from the ride, check out Walk Bike Burbank’s album here).


I told you I wasn’t taking pictures. This was the only other shot I got!

Getting back around 12:30am Sandoval Tacos was the perfect indulgence food for a late night ride.

Patrick was kind enough to bring quality beverages for the entire group and I wanted to make sure he got the proper respect for being a good host.

Over the course of the night, we talked bikes, politics and whatnot but the glass slipper started to work its magic as we realized we were still on the clock back at home.

In case you didn’t know, Walk Bike Burbank aren’t just night owls. They get a lot done in daylight too.

If you want to get involved, connect through them though their Facebook or webpage.

You’ll probably have just as much fun as me!