Let’s Ride to the Movies Saturday – North Hollywood 6pm

The question I have about evening rides: why don’t we have more of them?

It can get so friggin’ hot this time of year, isn’t the last two hours of daylight the most ideal (as long as you’re not riding into the sun).

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the wherewithal to put one together, but thanks to fervent cycling advocate Jocie for putting this together.

Getting bike lanes on Lankershim has been a big deal to her and to keep the pressure on that we still want them added, she created this brain child.




Saturday evening at 9pm, we’ll be doing a seven mile ride through NoHo, Studio City and Valley Village by some well known landmarks that you might not have known were in the Valley (no spoiler).

Afterwards, we’ll be heading to North Hollywood Park to catch a free outdoor screening of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” starting at 8pm.

You can join for the ride, movie or both, but make it out to show your love.

RSVP on the LACBC or Facebook page and I’ll see you Saturday night.