Virtual Town Hall Meeting: Los Angeles Riverway San Fernando Valley

los angeles riverway san fernando valley

While it’s been difficult to keep tabs on happenings during these times, it’s good to hear another step is being taken for the Los Angeles Riverway San Fernando Valley.

This Tuesday evening from 6pm to 730pm, the LA Bureau of Engineering will be hosting a zoom seminar focusing on the area between Lankershim and Whitsett.

Currently, there is no biking path in this three mile stretch while some portions are open for people walking.

Last August, the City officially opened its latest segment from Coldwater Canyon to Whitsett Ave covering a half mile.

At the moment, there are also paved segments between Laurel Canyon to Whitsett and Kester to Sepulveda, and unpaved sections between Laurel Canyon to Radford, Coldwater to Fulton and Kester to Cedros.

Constructing the path faces different obstacles on each side of the 405 as the west side offers embankments making underpasses more palatable the east side as the channel is vertical.

Earlier proposal from 2016

While there is currently a three mile uninterrupted stretch in the West Valley from Owensmouth to Vanalden (with an extension into Balboa Park slated for construction in Summer 2021), all crossings in the East Valley are currently at grade.

Another development to watch is the initial layout of the path continuing along the Tujunga Wash west of Colfax to avoid CBS Studios.

This detour off the riverway will move users to the side streets as they’ll have to head due south on Radford to reconnect.

While not in the meeting’s scope the project area east of Lankershim has seen no movement even though Universal was supposed to fund a number of steps of the project:

According to Joel Sappell, Special Projects Deputy at Yaroslavsky’s office, the Department of Public Works “conservatively estimated that Universal’s funding will be sufficient to do all of the planning, engineering, and environmental clearance for the entire 6.4 mile stretch so that we will have a ‘shovel ready’ project.” It would also cover the actual construction of a 1.2-mile stretch between Lankershim and Barham Boulevards, adjacent to Universal property. Leftover funds would then be used to construct the remainder of the 6.4-mile segment. Construction should be done by January 2017.

Currently, only a little over a half mile has been constructed.

To learn more, join Tuesday night for the Virtual Town Hall Meeting: Los Angeles Riverway San Fernando Valley.