Making L.A. a Place for All Ages

Will CiclaValley still be writing my blog thirty years from now?

That’s a question I constantly ponder.

I love cycling and want to do it forever, but I’m coming to terms that even middle age is a test as you struggle to accept that your body may not overcome your physical restrictions anymore.

Seniors are not a widely talked about segment of the cycling community, let alone with mobility issues.

Everyone wants to get around and live a full life, but we do not live in a city where it is accommodating to people at both ends of the age spectrum.

This was on display last Wednesday night as my family was exiting Kol Nidre services.

We were approaching a street corner when we heard a scream come down from a side street.



A woman was lying flat on the ground aching in pain while her daughter stood panicked.

The mother, who was at least in her 80s, was unsure about happened and the extent of her injuries as there were a lot of voices dealing with the situation.

Through all the chaos and movement, my wife made sure the woman laid still, fearing some spinal injury, until an ambulance arrived.

She was fortunate that it was just a broken bone, but as they lifted her up onto the gurney, I noticed a few protruding cracks for what looked like a perfectly good sidewalk from afar.

Measure M doesn’t solve all our problems, but it’s our best shot at addressing them.

First mile / last mile projects are huge as it just makes sense to make transit more accessible as the city continues to densify.

Keeping prices low for seniors is a high priority as many live on a fixed income.

And yes, money going to fix streets and sidewalks that everyone uses is an important part of it as well.

It’s no wonder why this is AARP’s first endorsement of a local measure ever.

I’m glad this is trending..

I think of my grandmother who I only knew in her later years.

It was hard to imagine her as a younger person because of the permanence of age who was dealing with the typical issues progressing through her golden years.

On the other hand, I think of my daughter as she nears her fourth birthday.

I wish for her to live out a full and enriching life, but no matter how old she’ll get, she will always be my little girl.

Everyone is someone’s child out there and they all deserve the same respect as we go through this process called life.

Measure M is important to all ages now, as it will be years down the line.

Please add your support on November 8th.