Metro Draft Expenditure Plan Meeting Tonight in Van Nuys

Every moment, the future is arising. The question is, when will the future of a robust transportation system arrive?

Tonight at the Marvin Braude Center from 6pm Р8pm, you can learn about what Metro is planning for, especially in terms of what it will look like if Measure R passes this November.

There are some good parts about it, like the LA River Bike Path to be fully completed, but CiclaValley hasn’t gone into full pick it apart mode.


Will the LA River Bike Path ever be complete?

The Sepulveda Tunnel sounds like a great idea, except that we’d be funding a tollway on top of a rail line. Possibly changing over the Orange Line to light rail and adding a new north-south line would help the valley, but we’ve been super neglected for awhile.

What’s also suspect is the low amount of funds geared toward biking and walking. You could say that it’s a lot more than we’ve previously received, but my math tells me anything above zero is considered an improvement.

If you want a little more to-the-point reasoning why this falls extremely short, read LACBC’s Eric Bruins recent response.

Either way, you should know about the ballot measure this November. Show up tonight, learn, research and who knows? Maybe you’ll get hired by CiclaValley!