More Forest Lawn Drive Drama

If I really wanted to, CiclaValley could just be a blog about Griffith Park and I’d have enough material to post daily.

I’m not totally for that because I’d have to delve into Mr. Griffith’s storied past which is a Pandora’s Box I do not want to touch.

At the same time, I seem to be talking a lot about Forest Lawn Drive lately and I can’t seem to help it.

I got a text from a friend yesterday morning showing a photo of bike lane completely filled with parked cars next to Mount Sinai Cemetery.

When I asked if there was any signage to warn drivers, there was none to be had.


 The dirt fiasco two weeks ago.

He did come across a motorcycle cop who appeared to be hired for some event that¬†thought that there was some type of permit for this permit, but couldn’t point to details when pressed.

I do recognize that Sunday was Kevet Avot, a day during the High Holidays where Jews visit the graves of the departed.

While I can sympathize both as a Jew and as a person who has visited the grounds a number times, there’s little excuse for the constant low standards of safety on this highly dangerous stretch of road.

Sending cyclists directly into 50 mph traffic without warning? That’s a recipe for disaster.

With already having substandard width lanes and shoddy road conditions, you’d think in the light of the city settling for $3 million to a rabbi for receiving brain damage after getting hit along a bike route with dilapidated conditions, we’d see a little more responsibility when forcing cyclists into peril.

You could listen the excuse that the LA River Bike Path extension will cure all these problems whenever it opens sometime in the probably distant future, but this is a grave crisis as it is.

We need to remove the freeway speeds, clean up the pavement and make Forest Lawn Drive safe for all that use it.

Seeing how this is the worst street I can think of in the City of Los Angeles, I would hope this road gets fixed before another calamity forces them to.