More Griffith Park Circulation & Traffic Improvement on their way.

I can’t tell you if we’ve actually hit summer or not, but Griffith Park’s springtime Implementation of its Circulation and Traffic Plan has been a success so far.

There’s been a few hiccups which have been remedied with minor adjustments, but the paid parking by the Observatory has definitely influenced faster turnover for parking spaces.

With this success, we’re seeing the next phase currently under construction of more paid slots coming to Western Canyon this week.



More kiosks being installed.


While the spaces are being laid out on the northern side of the road, this addition has also moved the centerline 2 – 3 feet south to balance the spacing.

I remember at times the difficulty maneuvering through this area during high volume times, like weekends and spring break.



You can see the position of the old lines if you look closely.


While it won’t totally alleviate congestion, this should definitely improve order during those times.

One portion I was concerned about is the turn I’ve self labeled “Dead Man’s Curve”.


I don’t actually know if anyone has died there, but it’s a dangerous alignment to maneuver since limited vision and deceptive banking causes many to overshoot it.

Even with the extra room, I still went over the line partially because I wanted to try it fast and the small patch of dirt limited my banking.



I still hear grumblings from time to time that charging for parking goes against Griffith Park’s charter, but I really think these changes have improved access for everyone.

Now if we only charged a bit more for parking everywhere else…