Movement to Fix Forest Lawn Drive

Griffith Park stands out as one of┬áLos Angeles’ most coveted gems, but accessing it can be a bit of a problem.

Forest Lawn Drive should be a handy entryway not only to the park, but for those trying to access the LA River Bike Path.

Instead, it remains as a substandard passageway with conditions that are unacceptable.

If you try riding on the bike lane, you encounter grotesquely large cracks, chunks of broken up asphalt, layers of dirt and narrow bike lane widths that are half the required minimum.

Traveling over this three mile stretch requires you to leave this incorrectly identified piece of bike infrastructure into regular traffic to avoid these hazards.

Mind you, most cars travel at freeway speeds which makes the journey already harrowing.


I’ve chronicled the dangers before and besides nothing being done, things have only gotten worse.

The good news is there is a petition circulating to get something done.

Cyclists Craig White started an online petition that is already getting some traction.

Forest Lawn Drive sits in Councilmember David Ryu’s jurisdiction and while the message has been received, it is important to continue adding voices to add to this improvement’s urgency.

Please add your name to the list and share because it is inevitable that someone will be seriously hurt under the current conditions.