Mr. CiclaValley joins LACBC

It should be obvious to all that Mr. CiclaValley has a passion for the cycling advocacy world. Look at my name! It means cycling guy in latin.

Now, I’m proud to announce that I will be joining the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as Education and Volunteer LACBCCoordinator.

I’ve always spoke that everyone should find at least one organization to support and I’ll continue to spread the love, but I’ll be doubling down on my LACBC efforts.

The first thing I ask is to join. How many times when you’re on a bike do you talk about cycling issues in LA? Now weigh that versus how many times do you actually do something about it?

LACBC has been a driving force improving our cycling infrastructure, teaching bike safety classes, organizing rides, handing out free bike lights and that’s just a slice of everything they do.

I ask you to become a member not only for the donation, but also adding to our numbers so we can point to a large constituency when going out to the community. You also get a range of discounts at bike shops, restaurants and other businesses, so it can easily pay for itself.

The second thing I ask is to participate in this year’s LA River Ride. For the uninitiated, there are very few cycling events across the region of this stature.

It has everything to offer, from the serious cyclist to someone riding participating in their first time. There are seven different distances, ranging from a 100 miler down to a kids ride.

Last year, I rode the events with a couple of friends and had a great time pushing it on the century.

This is not a race, so go your own speed, but also enjoy the LA River as every year it becomes more engrained into our urban fabric.

The proceeds go to a good cause and obviously you will have a great time doing it. Today is the last day before the price increase, so don’t think about it. Sign up!

El Pedal - LACBC Superhero!
El Pedal – LACBC Superhero!

Oh, yeah. What does this mean for CiclaValley itself? Some would say that the quality of this blog can only go up, since I probably won’t keep churning out material at this frantic pace. But I’ll try.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m also on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram doing what I do, so you’ll find me there.

All in all, I’m very, very excited to get involved. As most of you know, cycling can easily turn into a passion, whether you climb Mt. Baldy or just do a local commute. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for most of my life and I can easily say this is the most inspring time to participate.

And you should too.